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A group of professional and expert engineers specialized in various light current solutions. Started in 1998 located in downtown Cairo, Egypt.

Focusing on fire alarm system solutions and fire fighting, CCTV, Security System, and various light current solutions. We are home when it comes to light current.   

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The Commercial Office for Importing

Our business was established in 1998 as a national and regional high technology privately held business.

We are importers & distributors of the most well-known Fire Alarm products, approved under the UL and FM Laboratories / LPCB European.

Most importantly, our team always aims to provide the best when it comes to all types of light current Engineering solutions.

Light Current Services

We provide UL/FM approved fire alarm solutions

From a healthier and safely environmental perspective. Maintaining and building Fire Alarm Solutions. Secondly, Fire Fighting Solutions within complying to the environmental safety regulations and procedures.

fire alarm accessories

Accessories & Attachements

As a light current service provider, we supply all attachments for light current solutions within the fire alarm, fighting, CCTV, and security system products. So, our aim is to always stay at the forefront of providing the best attachments for our solutions.

Light Current Solutions

Fire Alarm System

From a healthier environmental perspective that involves a qualified systematic approach complying with health & safety regulations. We provide integrated full fire alarm system solutions.

Fire Fighting

From a mechanical perspective, supplying, installing, and commissioning fire fighting solutions with CO2 and FM200 as within Fire Search. Jockey, sprinklers, etc.


Into the world of Closed Circuit TV. Simultaneously, we provide along with more than 4 approved guaranteed brands. likewise, Dahua, Uniview, Honeywell and HiSharp

Security System

Home security is more important nowadays. As a result, Texecom an English-made brand. Likewise, will be the guaranteed option if chosen accordingly for home safety. Wireless solutions along with wired solutions, a variety of options from sensors and panels.

The Commercial Office for importing way of success is to provide speed, simplicity and trust. As a result, through provisioning the latest technology in the market.

What we do

Our team are keen on providing the best light current professional services, and the most guaranteed after sale. So, the goal is to treat our clients to base a long-term fruitful relationship.

Products we support and provide:

All of fire alarm products we support maintain and provides consequently aligned with our fire alarm solutions. 

Recent Projects

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Maintenance Fire Alarm

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A message from our CEO

More than 30 years within the field of the health and safety as a light current service provider. As a result, we feel very privileged to be writing this message as a Chief Executive Officer. So, this is a special time in our company’s history as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.