CF2000-Cooper Fire Alarm

cf2000-cooper fire alarm panel

The difference between CF2000 and CF1100/CF1200 range in Cooper (Eaton)

Cooper fire alarm panel CF2000 serves as the optimum solution for an addressable fire alarm system. The CF2000 fire alarm panel is an addressable control panel that can be configured into one loop or two loops. 

Soft addressing is the key point in which it minimizes installation time and configures potential errors further. Moreover, this panel comes with an LCD screen with keys menu driven, not touch, compared to CF1100 and CF1200 range. Catch Up on a quick overview from the Eaton website.

This panel can be useful for small/medium enterprises and other projects like small warehouses, offices, and small industries in general.

CF2000 Powerful fire alarm addressable System

Our Team Knows How To?

We can install, commission, and operate all cooper fire alarm panels. The Commercial Office for Importing has been into the field of importing and distributing cooper fire alarm with alla support since 1998.

The Commercial Office in Cooper fire alarm brings years of expertise in fire alarm development. Our team was founded in 1998, as we started with Menvier, JSB, Nugelec, and Eaton at the end. We have been working closely since with customers utilizing the Cooper fire alarm system in Egypt. 

We are based in Cairo, Egypt at 162 Tahrir Square. Our team always ensures leaving an amassed reputation within the Cooper fire alarm products. As well, we have completed a lot of projects within the fire alarm sector like hospitals, transport hubs, and government buildings. At the moment, we are holding on to maintenance contracts in larger medical facilities like Sanofi Aventis Pharma and Amoun Pharmaceutical which utilizes Cooper as a fire alarm product.

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