FL-RL-R-S, FL-RL-R-D Conventional Siren

FL-RL-D Cooper

FL-RL-R-S, FL-RL-R-D Conventional xenon sounder indicator

Versions are available with the sounder and beacon linked, or with separate terminals for independent operation.

The Xenon sounder indicator is an audible and visual device that requires one single installation point. This greatly reduces installation costs and is less obtrusive than two separate devices.

The weatherproof variant offers an ideal solution for installation in harsher environments, having a IP65 protection rating.

Voltage 18 - 28Vdc (*1) 18 - 28Vdc (*1)
Current 68mA (typical Tone 3) 68mA (typical Tone 3)
Sound output 101dB(A) at 1 metre (typical Tone 3) 101dB(A) at 1 metre (typical Tone 3)
Tones Preset to tone 3, 32 tones available Preset to tone 3, 32 tones available
Flash power 0.7j 0.7j
Flash rate 1Hz 1Hz
Volume control 10dB 10dB
Monitoring Reverse polarity Reverse polarity
Temperature - 10oC to + 55oC - 10oC to + 55oC
Protection IP54 IP65
Construction ABS, PC lens ABS, PC lens
Weight 0.33Kg 0.33Kg
Colours Red Red
Lens colour Red Red
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Addressable Fire Alarm,Conventional FIre Alarm,fire alarm,Siren Indicator
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