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Fire Alarm

Our product range now incorporates conventional & analogue addressable fire detection systems, telephone systems, voice evacuation systems, carbon monoxide & combustible gas detection systems along with the aspiration fire alarm detection systems.

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Addressable VS Conventional

Fire alarm is divided into two sectors; an addressable fire alarm system and a conventional fire alarm system.

Which is ideal to your requirements?

By reaching out to our engineers we will be able to guide you through the right system to use. One of the biggest advantages of choosing your system will rely on the on-site inspection. Feel free to contact us, we visit for free and then send our quotes accordingly to produce accurate project estimation.

Addressable Fire Alarm System.

An addressable fire alarm system can be ideal for large buildings and large spaces, as it enables the same detector triggered to be identified without consuming a lot of wire and pipes throughout the installation process.

  • Rapidly defines the fire spots
  • Reduces the cost of wiring and pipes installation
  • Reduces man power
  • More reliable when it comes to wiring connection
  • High healthy system integrity


Conventional Fire Alarm System

A conventional fire alarm system is an old system, this system no longer used in large buildings. However, this system can be more efficient and reliable in small type buildings like schools, restaurants, small shops, and apartments.

This type of systems if used in large building and wide spaces, will cost a lot of man power, wiring, and pipes which will not be convenient when it comes to reducing costs.

  • A conventional panel needs a specific wire to be attached to each unit connected
  • High cost in large buildings, due to man power factors
  • Handling false alarms quickly in small areas
  • Reliable system when it comes to adequate use