The Commercial Office for Importing

Cooper fire alarm

Cooper fire alarm items can be found in locations like the stadiums, healthcare facilities, industrial facilities, retail/leisure and transport hubs around the world. The Commercial Office for Importing always keen on providing the best solution’s for our Cooper products.

Why Cooper(Eaton)?

In Egypt, Eaton fire alarm addressable systems comes with decades of expertise to the development of the fire alarm system in Egypt. Heritage of Eaton comes strong, Menvier, JSB, Nugelec, and Fulleon devices. Along with the best consultants in Egypt, Cooper is a global brand made-in-UK that has amassed reputation.

The Commercial Office for Importing was from the pioneers since 1998 to import Eaton fire alarm products to the Egyptian Market. We have the capability to provide complete software solutions and programming along with our site installer for a Eaton fire alarm addressable system.

Safe Technology Range

At The Commercial Office for Importing, we’re dedicated to improving people lives and environment with the best technology in market. Cooper Eaton products are all UL listed/approved and that’s what really matters, your safety.

UL Approved

Cooper’s range of UL addressable detectors and fire alarm panels are specifically designed to operate with UL listing range of a fire alarm addressable system.

We provide great and on time services to our valuable customers.