Fire Alarm Importance

as-built fire alarm

How to be protected from fire? is it through fire alarm panels only?

You will need an intelligent fire alarm system to be installed. As within a fire alarm system, the main and vital parts consist of smoke and heat detectors, which are the main elements for announcing early fire detection in the building.

As well, those ancillaries and attachments to the fire alarm system main panel (MFACP) are addressed accordingly to announce the location of fire through the main fire alarm control panel.

As soon as a fire occurs and smoke takes place, all attachments start sending signals to the main fire alarm control panel with the location of the fire. Then, fire fighting begins with people well-trained to start extinguishing fire accordingly with the required tools. Moreover, when the fire alarm is triggered and evacuation starts according to what was planned before, people located in the building can evacuate the building as soon as possible to avoid any critical injuries and save lives

In spite of that, how fire alarm system is installed, and how do we locate fire locations easily?

A fire alarm specialist must be in charge of accurately installing smoke and heat detectors along with manual call points, sirens, and horns along with other ancillaries and attachments. As well, installing the fire alarm panel within a workable location wherein it can be easily accessed to get the accurate location of the fire alarm triggered. 

For example: if this building consisted of 10 rooms, each room must have its own sensor installed on a separate circuit connected to the main fire alarm panel.

When a fire occurs, it will accordingly show the location in which zone, if the system is conventional, and on which loop if it is addressable.

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