Fire Alarm Types and Brands

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Fire Alarm Brands

In Egypt, brands differ due to countries of origin and approvals provided.

As a result, The Commercial Office for Importing always aims in providing the best fire alarm solutions in the market since 1998. 

We have an experience of more than 20 years in the field. As well, our team provides installation and programming to addressable and conventional alarm systems in the market.

Cooper Fire Alarm

The country of origin is the UK and provides addressable fire alarm panels that start from 2 loops to 4 loops. Each loop can carry up to 200 devices, including detectors, modules, sirens, manual and call points. Moreover, The Commercial Office for Importing is a distributor of Cooper fire alarm products since 1998. Cooper Addressable fire alarm panels and accessories quantities are available, check our prices.

Apollo Fire Alarm

The country of origin is the UK and provides conventional along with addressable UL/FM-approved products.Furthermore, we are Apollo partners which is fundamental to your business, as we will be considered as a key in delivering your purpose and needs to your required project. We aim on keeping all of us safe from fire. Get more info!

Thorn (Tyco)

The country of origin is the UK, LPCB approved, and provides a conventional and addressable system.


The country of origin is the UK and provides addressable fire alarm system UL/FM approved.

Fire Alarm Attachments & Ancillaries

Addressable systems require its protocol within the same range for smoke, heat, and either device. For example, in an Apollo system you will always recognize that XP95 cannot be within the same range for Orbis or Series 65. As a result, XP95 is an addressable system that requires its own range to be compatible within the whole system.

What is the fire alarm attachments or accessories:-

However, a conventional system doesn’t require the same protocol for any of its accessories. Smoke detectors or heat detectors from another brand can be equipped on the system. For example, we can completely install and different range of a system within various brands accordingly. It’s just requires a proper network installed.

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