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Home Security Systems

We provide cloud deployment security services and non-cloud wireless and wired full intelligent systems designed and build in Europe.

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We introduce Texecom© products, Made in England security wire panel with all required components.

Wireless program security is introduced, as we are the official distributors for Longhorn© with all required components and materials needed including all types of sirens. 

Five reasons you need home security:

  • Wireless configuration to avoid ruining your home decor
  • Quick and easy ways to access it online and control it
  • Centralized systems which enhances low cost and more affordability


What is the difference between a wired and wireless alarm?

When thinking of home security, the main thing to think about and to take into consideration is whether the system I need is wired or wireless. 

A wired alarm system needs wires to connect all sensors to the main control panel. While a wireless alarm system actually doesn’t require a wire, which connected to main panel via infrared radio waves. However, it depends on the location, doest require a wire or a wireless security system, as in some location a wireless system could face a lot of interruptions compared to a wire system.

What types of Texecom alarm products do you sell?

Veritas 8 and Veritas R8 – This range features products that have been designed mainly for residential or smaller installations, prioritising ease of use and installation, as well as reliability.

To find out more about the Texecom burglar alarms we sell, please get in touch.